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Profile of designer

Kyoko Sugiura 

designer / member of the "Atelier d'Art de France" 

lives and works in Paris

To bring her imagination to life, Kyoko Sugiura of Kyoko Creation BRODERIE has chosen embroidery, an art form almost as old as mankind itself. Using various techniques like European embroidery and Japanese silk thread embroidery, Kyoko Sugiura has long been creating personal compositions in her native country of Japan. Living in France since 2009, Kyoko has also mastered Haute couture embroidery techniques such as "Crochet de Lunéville". Since then, she works in atelier of embroidery in Paris, and participated in the creation of haute couture. In 2012, she decided to create her own brand in order to express her universe. Techniques and materials all tell different stories, they define artists and their culture. Kyoko use diverse materials ranging from the traditional silk thread of Kyoto to Japanese novelty threads, to vintage European beads, sequins, laces, leathers, metals and even nutshells: the variety of materials reflects the richness and complexity of Kyoko's universe. Influenced by her experiences in France and Japan, the artist merges elements from both cultures, thus giving birth to an innovative form of artistic expression.


All jewels, pictures, or objects are lovingly hand crafted in France.

Ateliers d'Art de France

Kyoko Sugiura is a member of "Ateliers d'Art de France", an organisation that assembles more than 6000 craftsmen, artists and manufacturers in France.

Video Making of  Solo Exhibition "Symbiose" at Paris

Kyoko Création


Paris - Tokyo




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